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Fiber outlets / Terminal box

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NEXT - subscriber socket 2HP

The NEXT 2HP subscriber socket is a sleek, wall-mountable outlet designed for use in FTTH networks, providing a secure and efficient termination point for the subscriber line.

NEXT - subscriber socket FTTH 2HP + additional equipment

The NEXT - subscriber socket FTTH 2HP with additional equipment is an innovative wall-mountable outlet designed for terminating fiber optic subscriber lines within FTTH networks. This compact and sleek unit supports up to two SC simplex adapters and offers dedicated areas for splice protection.

Outdoor FTTH abonent socket NEXT 2HP equipped with LCDX adapters and 4x PGT SM

Introducing the Outdoor FTTH Abonent Socket NEXT 2HP: the ultra-compact and stylish solution for fiber optic cable termination. This socket is equipped with state-of-the-art features including LCDX adapters and space for 4x PGT SM, making it an ideal choice for modern fiber optic networks.

FTTH box with 1 pigtail and 1 adapter

The FTTH Box with 1 Pigtail and 1 Adapter is a compact, high-performance solution for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications. It’s designed for optimal light signal distribution and connection.