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Discover the Innovation of Smart Markers - A Collaboration with KOMPLEX

 Discover the Innovation of Smart Markers - A Collaboration with KOMPLEX

Dear valued customers,

We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering in the realm of underground network solutions - Smart Markers, developed in partnership with the esteemed vendor, KOMPLEX. These cutting-edge markers are set to revolutionize the way underground networks are marked and identified in our region.


What sets our Smart Markers apart:

Advanced Testing Capabilities: Our Smart Markers are equipped with the ability to test goods, ensuring accurate identification of various underground facilities such as optical cables, power cables, water pipelines, and more.

Seamless B2B Portal Access: For pricing and a comprehensive view of our product portfolio, customers can conveniently log in to our B2B portal. This feature provides easy access to essential information for efficient decision-making.


Through our collaboration with KOMPLEX, we bring you Smart Markers that not only enhance the accuracy of underground network marking but also streamline the process for increased efficiency and safety in your projects.


Experience the future of underground network marking with FMC Telco Group and KOMPLEX's innovative Smart Markers. Visit our website to explore this exciting new product category and elevate your underground network operations.


Catalogue: Download our Solution Spec Sheet >>

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