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Street cabinet 1056 – 32x ODF, 10x Splitters 1:32,IP54, max. capacity 1248

Meet the Street Cabinet 1056 - your ultimate solution for advanced fiber network management. This cabinet offers 32x Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and 10x 1:32 Splitters, ensuring efficient network distribution.

Street cabinet 1824 – 55x ODF, 16x Splitters 1:32,IP54, max. capacity 1968

The Street Cabinet 1824 is a robust, high-capacity outdoor unit designed to handle complex fiber-optic connections.

Street cabinet 624 – 10x ODF, 4x Splitters 1:32,IP54, max. capacity 624

Experience the efficiency and reliability of our versatile Street Cabinet 624. Designed for optimal network organization, this cabinet is equipped with 10x Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and 4x 1:32 Splitters.

PIANO 8+ – pole-mounted distribution box

The PIANO 8+ is a versatile, pole and wall-mounted distribution box designed for telecommunication cable management, offering a mix of robust protection and ease of use with its innovative features tailored for effective fiber management and cable distribution.

Outdoor outlet grey color RAL 7035, material UV resistant - Hermes 4HP socket

The Hermes 4HP socket boasts a sleek, compact design and is engineered for both outdoor and indoor use. It's crafted from UV-resistant material in a neutral grey color (RAL 7035), ensuring durability against harsh weather conditions.

SATURN 24HP + 2L outdoor distribution cabinet

The SATURN 24HP + 2L is a robust and adaptable outdoor distribution cabinet designed for FTTH networks, offering efficient cable management and easy installation without the need for underground cable wells.

Saturn distribution point

The Saturn distribution point is a highly versatile solution for FTTH networks, designed to simplify installation and enhance fiber optic network performance with its robust, weather-resistant construction.

RF outdoor distribution cabinet

Enhance your FTTH network's capabilities with our RF Outdoor Distribution Cabinet, designed for efficient fiber optic management and deployment. Its robust construction and flexible features make it an ideal solution for outdoor fiber distribution.

Saturn distribution point equipped with 12 SC APC DX adapters, 24 2.0mm pigtails, splice trays and 2 line ports

The Saturn distribution point is a robust and versatile FTTH external distribution hub, designed to simplify the installation process and cater to a high volume of fiber optic connections.

Jupiter distribution point

Jupiter distribution posts offer a highly adaptable solution for FTTH network applications. Their design eliminates the need for cable measuring and wells, streamlining installation and maintenance while accommodating an expanding user base.