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Street cabinet 1824 – 55x ODF, 16x Splitters 1:32,IP54, max. capacity 1968

Manufacturer: ZTT
The Street Cabinet 1824 is a robust, high-capacity outdoor unit designed to handle complex fiber-optic connections.
SKU: FMC01ZT0051
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Technical Data:
This unit is IP54 rated, ensuring it can withstand a variety of outdoor conditions. It comes with 55 Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and 16 splitters that can each split a signal into 32 separate outputs. The maximum fiber capacity of this unit reaches up to 1968.

The Street Cabinet 1824 is designed with an in-built robustness to handle the outdoors. It has an IP54 rating, indicating a strong resistance to dust and water splashes. It also includes 55 Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) and 16 splitters, each capable of splitting a single input into 32 outputs. The cabinet's design allows for a maximum fiber capacity of 1968, making it ideal for high-demand scenarios.

The Street Cabinet 1824 is perfect for high-capacity, outdoor telecommunication infrastructure. Its robust design and high-fiber capacity make it suitable for applications like telecom network junctions, broadband network construction, and cable television networks.