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Coaxial & HFC

Explore our extensive range of Coaxial & HFC products designed to meet the needs of the telecommunications industry. From high-quality coaxial cables and connectors to advanced hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) solutions, we offer reliable and efficient options for your network infrastructure. Trust our expertise in delivering top-notch products that ensure seamless connectivity and optimal performance for your telecommunications projects.

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Coaxial ETX-2-8 2-WAY TAP, 8 dB

Introducing the IT-2W-8 Two-Way Indoor Line Tap with an 8 dB Tap Attenuation. Compact in design with dimensions of 56.0/49.0/16.5 mm, this device guarantees superior performance within various frequency ranges.

5/8M-TL232 PIN 1.8x47mm (57023204-01) - 5/8 Male Pin Connector

The 5/8M-TL232 Pin 1.8x47mm (57023204-01) is a 5/8 Male Pin Connector designed to provide high-quality signal transmission with its superior screening attenuation and low insertion loss.

5/8M-TL444 PIN 1,8X47MM (57044404-01) - 5/8 Male Pin Connector

The 5/8M-TL444 PIN 1,8X47MM (57044404-01) - 5/8 Male Pin Connector is a high-performance component designed for robust and reliable connections. With its precise dimensions of 1.8mm by 47mm, it ensures a snug fit for a wide range of applications. This hardware piece is perfect for those who require consistent and efficient connectivity, making it an essential part of any toolkit.

90-IECF-56 5.1 SELF INSTALL (99909691) - 90 deg. IEC Self Install Connector RG6

The 90-IECF-56 5.1 SELF INSTALL (99909691) is a sophisticated 90-degree IEC Self Install Connector RG6 that ensures efficient and high-quality signal transmission, providing high screening attenuation and low insertion loss.

BNCM-59-CX3 3.7 (99909472-02) - BNC Compression Connector RG59

The BNCM-59-CX3 3.7 (99909472-02) is a robust BNC compression connector, specifically designed for RG59 cables. It's made by Cabelcon and ensures high-quality, reliable connections with a compression-style design.

F-MINI-TD QM 4.0 SHORT TRUE DROP (99909901) - Connector Mini

The F-MINI-TD QM 4.0 SHORT TRUE DROP connector, item number 99909901, is a compact, high-performance connector without an O-ring, designed for seamless integration with Ă–ren HD063 cables.

PG11M-AC 47mm (91630002) - Connector

The Cabelcon PG11M-AC 47mm is a versatile adapter designed for cable connections, featuring two distinct interface points. It's an integral component for power supply connections, facilitating the seamless link between the cable and the device. Boasting a length of 47mm, this adapter is primed for efficient function and performance

SP TL101 (31000101-02) - Splice Connector

The connector type SP TL101 is designed for use with Draka Coax9 AD 11 S cable, offering a frequency range of 0.3 - 3000 MHz and a nominal impedance of 75 Ohm.

1-Way Drop Tap 1/12 dB PCT-IT1W-12

The PCT-IT1W-12 is a precision-engineered 1-Way Drop Tap from PCT's Gold Series, designed to facilitate a 12 dB tap value within a 1 GHz bandwidth for effective signal distribution.