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Fiber Optic Tools

Welcome to our Fiber Optic Tools category, where you'll find a comprehensive range of high-quality tools specifically designed for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks. Whether you're a telecommunications professional or a DIY enthusiast, our selection of fiber optic tools will help you achieve precise and efficient results.

From fusion splicers and cleavers to fiber strippers and cleaning kits, we offer everything you need to handle fiber optic cables with precision and care. Our tools are sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring durability, reliability, and accuracy. Explore our Fiber Optic Tools category and equip yourself with the right tools to confidently tackle any fiber optic project.

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NPC+ Fibre Termination Kit

The NPC+ Fibre Termination Kit, which includes the high-precision CI-01 flat cleaver, is a comprehensive solution designed for quick and easy installation of fibre optic connectors. This kit is perfect for fast field terminations, offering a one-piece connector design that eliminates the need for field polishing or loose parts.

SOR OC Termination Tools

The SOR OC PKSI-S IDC Termination Tool is a versatile, reliable instrument designed for establishing secure connections in data and telecommunication cabling with IDC systems.

C2 10 marked 0 to 9

The STG 2000 C2 10 disconnection module, marked 0 to 9, offers a reliable and secure connection point in telecommunication systems, with a focus on preserving space and ensuring safety through integrated surge protection.