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Exposed products

CV4581 7/4 - DB straigh connector with clips for microduct 7/4mm

The CV4581 7/4 is a straight connector with clips, specifically designed for secure attachment to microducts with a 7/4mm diameter, making it ideal for telecom and industrial applications, especially in direct buried scenarios

F6-TD-4.9 (99909941-01) – Cabelcon compress connector RG6

The F6-TD-4.9 (99909941-01) is a high-end Cabelcon compression connector, specifically designed for compatibility with RG6 cables. Its advanced design ensures excellent signal quality and durability for a wide range of applications.

Street cabinet 624 – 10x ODF, 4x Splitters 1:32,IP54, max. capacity 624

Experience the efficiency and reliability of our versatile Street Cabinet 624. Designed for optimal network organization, this cabinet is equipped with 10x Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and 4x 1:32 Splitters.

Stainless Steel Band 19x0,7mm 50m - G430 Dispenser

The STAINLESS STEEL BAND GRADE 1.4016 / AISI 430 is a durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel band designed for various applications.

MAR 100-3D Analog Underground Marker For Telecomm. Cables - Freq. 101,4kHz

The MAR 100-3D is a high-performance underground marker developed for telecommunication cables, operating at a frequency of 101.4 kHz.

PVC pole,length 8,5m, (165/120) /strength 0,7kN

The PVC pole with a length of 8.5 meters is a robust and versatile telecommunication pole designed for reliable performance and easy installation.

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In 2022/2023 we were awarded with multi year roll-out agreements in CRO, BIH & RO
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In 2009 we built first GPON FTTH Rural Network in Slovenia
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Celebrating our 25th anniversary
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