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EZ-BOX Long 24HP distribution box

The Neptun EZ-BOX Long 24HP is a sturdy, reliable distribution frame designed for indoor use and multi-family buildings, perfect for telecommunication and fiber optic applications.

EZ-BOX PLUS 32HP – indirect distribution point

The EZ-BOX Plus 32HP is a wall-mounted distribution frame designed for network management within multi-family residential buildings. It supports up to 32 subscribers and is crafted from robust steel, ensuring both lightness and resilience. This product facilitates easy and secure cable management and is perfect for intermediate distribution points.

Distribution point Neptun micropoint 48hp

The Neptun MIKRO POINT 48HP distribution frame is a robust and reliable indoor fiber optic distribution solution, ideal for use in multi-family buildings. Its weather-resistant construction and design ensure efficient network distribution and safety.

Distribution point Neptun MIKRO POINT 48HP + additional equipment

The Neptun MIKRO POINT 48HP is a wall-mountable distribution frame designed for effective fiber optic network management within multi-family buildings. It offers robust protection and versatile cable management for in-building distribution points.

Distribution point Neptun MiniPoint for 72 HP + additional equipment

The Neptun MiniPoint 72HP is a compact, robust wall-mounted distribution frame designed for fiber optic network distribution in multi-family buildings. It offers a secure and organized solution for facilitating high-performance fiber connections within FTTH networks.

ARIZONA indoor wall-mounted distribution box for 6 adapters

The ARIZONA indoor wall-mounted distribution box is engineered for indoor fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications, offering a UV-resistant and durable solution for reliable connectivity. This compact and lightweight unit supports up to 6 SC duplex adapters, making it an excellent intermediate distribution point.

Splice box Piano 24M

The Piano 24M Splice Box is a durable and efficient solution for FTTX network installations. With its innovative ClickON system, the box is designed for quick, tool-free mounting, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Its weatherproof and UV-resistant materials make it suitable for diverse environmental conditions, and it can be mounted on various types of poles and walls.