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Power Cables and Connectors

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PG11M-AC 47mm (91630002) - Connector

The Cabelcon PG11M-AC 47mm is a versatile adapter designed for cable connections, featuring two distinct interface points. It's an integral component for power supply connections, facilitating the seamless link between the cable and the device. Boasting a length of 47mm, this adapter is primed for efficient function and performance


The PG11M-AC with a 2M Power Cable (91630020) is a versatile and reliable adapter designed for seamless electronic connections. With its robust and durable construction, it ensures a stable power supply for your devices. Its 2-meter-long cable provides flexibility for setup, ensuring you can connect your devices without any hassle. This power adapter is an essential tool for any technology setup, promising efficient performance and convenience.

5/8M-AC WITH 2M POWER CABLE (91570020-01)

The 5/8M-AC Adapter with 2M Power Cable (91570020-01) is a superior connector equipped with an attached 2-meter power cable. It ensures excellent and reliable connectivity across a broad array of applications.