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DUCT Loose Tube

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DUCT Antirodent 144F - multitube 144fiber, 12f/tube ,G.652D, 1500N, d.9,6mm,ZTT

This robust, multitube fiber optic cable is engineered for duct systems, offering anti-rodent protection and resistance to environmental factors.

DUCT Antirodent 48F – multitube 48fiber,12f/tube, G652D, 2700N, d. 9mm,ZTT

The Z-DT.MT-48J.2.7KN-12F/T is a robust, multitube fiber optic duct cable designed by ZTT Technology, featuring anti-rodent protection and a capacity of 48 optical fibers. It is engineered for durability and reliability in environments vulnerable to rodent damage.

DUCT Antirodent 96F – multitube 96fiber,12f/tube, G652D, 2700N, d. 9,6mm,ZTT

The Z-DT.MT-96J.2.7KN-12F/T is a robust anti-rodent fiber optic duct cable designed by ZTT Technology for efficient data transmission in environments susceptible to rodent damage.

Indoor/Outdoor installation cable GYCFXT6Y-4 G.657A1

The GYCFXT6Y-4 G.657A1 is a robust indoor optical fiber cable that is constructed for efficient data transmission within buildings. It is equipped with up to 12 high-quality G.657A1 optical fibers housed in a central loose tube, providing reliable connectivity solutions.