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Lid for standard splice tray for 12 splices, white

Elevate your fiber optic connections with our sleek white lid, designed for a standard 12-splice tray. It's the perfect blend of functionality and style for your telecommunication needs.

Lid for the NEPTUNE splice tray for 24 splices, blue

Blue Lid for NEPTUNE Splice Tray – 24 Splices

Splice cassette for 12 splices, white

Maximize your fiber optic connections with the Splice Cassette for 12 Splices in white - a versatile and expandable solution for efficient cable management and seamless fiber splicing.

Splice cassette NEPTUN for 24 splices, blue

The NEPTUN Splice Cassette is a versatile, blue-colored tray designed for efficient fiber optic connection management within panel distribution frames.

splice holder 12-positions for heat shrink, colour RED , material PP

The Splice Holder 12-positions, in a vibrant red color, is constructed from durable polypropylene (PP) material, designed to securely hold and organize splices within optic splice trays.

splice tray 24 splices, 2x splice holder for 12 splices, 1x cover

A versatile splicing tray designed to securely organize and protect up to 24 fiber optic splices, featuring a durable body and cover with two splice holders for 12 splices each.

Splice tray ANT for 12 fiber splices G.652.D white

Maximize organization and protection of your fiber optic splices with our durable, lightweight splice tray, designed for easy identification and safe storage within ANT system compatible pole and street setups.

Splice tray ARC for 12 fiber splices G.652.D white

The ARC system splice tray offers a secure and organized solution for fiber optic splice storage, compatible with Piano 8 and Jupiter systems. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction ensures protection from mechanical damage and prevents cable entanglement.

splice tray for 12 splices, splice holder for 6 splices, Cellco

Ensure the safety and protection of your fiber optic splices with our high-quality Cellco splice tray and splice holder. Designed for both ARC and ANT trays, this product secures your cables under a robust cover to prevent damage, sold as a separate item for your convenience.