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splice tray 24 splices, 2x splice holder for 12 splices, 1x cover

Manufacturer: Cellco
A versatile splicing tray designed to securely organize and protect up to 24 fiber optic splices, featuring a durable body and cover with two splice holders for 12 splices each.
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Warehouse: EU warehouse

Technical Data:

  • Color: Blue or cream
  • Capacity: 24 splices (2x splice holders for 12 splices each)
  • Body Dimensions: 130x185x10mm
  • Cover Dimensions: 130x185x2mm
  • Material: ABS PC
  • Closure Type: Regular click


  • Easy tie insertion and hiding system
  • Anti-rotation system between trays
  • Designated space for separating splice holders from fibers
  • Safe and easy fiber insertion system
  • Compatible with standard patch panel pin holes
  • M3 bolt mounting for secure installation
  • Well-profiled elements for efficient fiber management
  • Wide entrance for 900um pigtails

Ideal for use in 19” patch panels, Wall-Box – wall-mounted patch panels, and EZ-Box long – component Neptun Media FTTx, ensuring a tidy and reliable fiber optic cable management solution in various telecommunication environments.

Products specifications
Maximum number of splices 24