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5/8M-TL232 PIN 1.8x47mm (57023204-01) - 5/8 Male Pin Connector

The 5/8M-TL232 Pin 1.8x47mm (57023204-01) is a 5/8 Male Pin Connector designed to provide high-quality signal transmission with its superior screening attenuation and low insertion loss.

5/8MU-RG11-CX3 7.5 PIN 1.8x47mm (99909525-02) - Compression Connector

The 5/8MU-RG11-CX3 7.5 PIN 1.8x47mm is a robust and reliable compression connector designed for secure cable connections.

5/8MU-RG11-CX3 QM 10.5 (99909528-02) - Compression Connector RG11

The 5/8MU-RG11-CX3 QM 10.5 (99909528-02) is a robust compression connector designed specifically for RG11 cables. It ensures a secure and reliable connection, making it an essential component in telecommunications and networking.

FM-RG11-CX3 7.5(99909510-02) – compression connector RG11

The FM-RG11-CX3 7.5 (99909510-02) is a high-quality compression connector for RG11 cables, offering superior signal transmission and durability, perfect for a variety of applications.

FM-RG11-CX3 QM 11.3 (99909558) - Compression Connector RG11

The FM-RG11-CX3 QM 11.3 (99909558) is a top-tier compression connector designed for RG11 cables. This connector is crafted for exceptional durability and signal transmission across a broad array of uses.

FM-TL232 (53023200-01) - F Male Connector

The FM-TL232 (53023200-01) is an advanced F male connector, engineered for exceptional performance with enhanced signal transmission and robustness.

IEC14M-TL232 (45023200-01) – IEC/232 connector

The Amphenol Cabelcon Coaxial Connector, item no. 57023204-01, is designed for use with Draka Coax 6 CT 15 A cable, offering a frequency range of 0.3 - 3000 MHz and an impedance of 75 Ω.