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Duct Micro Cable 144F – Micro Cable,12x12F,G652D,LT,d.7,9mm

The Z-MICRO-MT.12-144J multitube fiber optic cables, designed with a durable HDPE jacket, offer a reliable solution for data transmission in microduct systems, distribution networks, campus networks, and indoor settings.

FLAT DROP 2F/FTTH – 2fiber, LSOH,G.657A1, UV ARP prot., white colour, Telcoline

The E-FTTH-02J-WH is a high-quality indoor fiber optic flat cable designed for efficient FTTH (Fiber to the Home) installations.

FLAT DROP 2F/FTTX– 2fiber, LSOH,G.657A1, steel/FRP, UV, black colour, Telcoline

The E-FTTX-02J is a robust and durable flat cable designed for FTTX applications, featuring two optical fibers and a steel rod reinforcement for reliable data transmission.

FLAT DROP 4F/FTTX– 4fib.,LSOH,G.657A1,F8-steel mess./FRP,UV,black col.,Telcoline

E-FTTX-04J is a robust flat cable designed with 4 G.657 optical fibers, reinforced with a 1 mm steel rod, and encased in a black LSOH outer jacket. It's engineered for durability and performance in FTTH networks.

Optical Cable 2 fibres,GJXFH-2G.657A1,(1KM)

The Indoor Drop Fiber Optic Cable is a premier indoor fiber optic solution with two cores, designed for streamlined installation within various building environments. It is reinforced with FRP strength members and encased in a low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) outer sheath for enhanced safety and performance.

RISER 24SM G657A LSZH,ind. vertical use,9/125,mini-break 900µm, white,d10mm,500N

The OPTIX Vertical W-NOTKSd 24J G.657A2 is an advanced FTTX cable designed for efficient and safe indoor installation in multi-family buildings and offices. Boasting a high-quality LSZH jacket and reinforced with fiberglass rods, this cable offers both durability and flexibility.