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Duct Micro Cable 144F – Micro Cable,12x12F,G652D,LT,d.7,9mm

Manufacturer: ZTT
The Z-MICRO-MT.12-144J multitube fiber optic cables, designed with a durable HDPE jacket, offer a reliable solution for data transmission in microduct systems, distribution networks, campus networks, and indoor settings.
SKU: FMC01ZT0076
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Technical Data:
Fiber Type: G.652D optical fibers
Fiber Count: Options ranging from 12 to 144 fibers
Jacket: Black HDPE
Cable Diameter: Varies with fiber count, up to 7.9mm
Weight: Ranges from 29 kg/km to 58 kg/km, depending on fiber count
Mechanical Parameters: Compliant with IEC standards, including tensile strength (1000 N for up to 72 fibers, 1200 N for more), crush resistance (750 N/100 mm), and more.

Multitube structure with hydrophobic gel and water-absorbing yarns
UV and water-resistant jacketing
Chemical and substance resistance for duct environments
Central FRP rod reinforcement
Ripcord for easy access

Ideal for deploying in microduct systems, distribution networks, campus networks, and within buildings when used with LSOH pipes, the Z-MICRO-MT.12-144J cables offer flexibility and robustness for various installation environments.