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FLAT DROP 4F/FTTX– 4fib.,LSOH,G.657A1,F8-steel mess./FRP,UV,black col.,Telcoline

Manufacturer: ZTT
E-FTTX-04J is a robust flat cable designed with 4 G.657 optical fibers, reinforced with a 1 mm steel rod, and encased in a black LSOH outer jacket. It's engineered for durability and performance in FTTH networks.
SKU: FMC01ZT0079
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Technical Data:
Product ID: E-FTTX-04J
Number of fibers: 4
Type of reinforcement: Steel rod (1 mm)
Dimensions: Width x Height [5x2 mm]
Weight: 20 kg/km
Mechanical parameters: Compliant with IEC standards, including tensile strength (IEC 794-1-E1) and various resistance factors like crush, impact, bending, torsion, and water penetration.

Integrated with two 0.4 mm FRP rods for additional support.
Offers resistance to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and mechanical stresses.
Suitable for both aerial installation with a span of 50 m and indoor installations.

The E-FTTX-04J cable is ideal for the 'last mile' connectivity in FTTH networks, providing a reliable infrastructure for high-speed data transmission. It can be deployed in various environments, ensuring a stable and secure connection for indoor and aerial installations.