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EZ-BOX Long 24HP distribution box

Manufacturer: Cellco
The Neptun EZ-BOX Long 24HP is a sturdy, reliable distribution frame designed for indoor use and multi-family buildings, perfect for telecommunication and fiber optic applications.
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Technical Data:

  • Model: EZ-BOX Long 24HP
  • Capacity: Accommodates 24 splice trays
  • Components: 1 Neptun EZ BOX Long, 1x 24-splice tray, 2x splice holders, 4x patch cord organizers, 2x rubber glands (PG36), and 4x cable ties.


  • Robust construction ensures operational dependability
  • Designed to facilitate FTTH (Fiber to the Home) technology implementation
  • Streamlined design for easy installation and organization
  • Suitable for managing in-building fiber optic connections


  • Ideal for use within buildings as a central distribution frame
  • Serves as an intermediate distribution point in multi-family residences
  • Tailored for telecommunications providers and fiber optic network operators looking to streamline their indoor network infrastructure.
Products specifications
Equipment included additional
The number of client-side switching halves 24
Maximum number of splice trays 2