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F6-TD-4.9 (99909941-01) – Cabelcon compress connector RG6

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The F6-TD-4.9 (99909941-01) is a high-end Cabelcon compression connector, specifically designed for compatibility with RG6 cables. Its advanced design ensures excellent signal quality and durability for a wide range of applications.
SKU: FTL08CA0001
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Technical Data:
Functioning within a frequency range of 0.3 - 3000 MHz, the connector maintains an impedance of 75 Ohm. It showcases impressive transfer impedance and screening attenuation, complying with Class A++ standards. The connector can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to +70° C and has successfully passed the IP X8 sealing test. Additionally, it possesses a dielectric strength over 6kV and exhibits a tensile strength exceeding 215N.

The F6-TD-4.9 connector is constructed from high-quality Brass CuZn39Pb3, with a nitin-6 plating for added resilience. It also features superior return loss and insertion loss rates, ensuring a clean and consistent signal transmission. The connector's insulators are designed from cable data, and it meets the IEC 61169-24 standard.

Given its robust design and exceptional technical specifications, the F6-TD-4.9 connector is ideal for use with RG6 cables in various settings. These might include professional environments, industrial setups, or any application requiring high-impedance and wide-frequency range connectivity. Its high durability and signal integrity make it a reliable choice for maintaining optimal signal quality.