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PVC pole,length 8,5m, (165/120) /strength 0,7kN

Manufacturer: NCT
The PVC pole with a length of 8.5 meters is a robust and versatile telecommunication pole designed for reliable performance and easy installation.
SKU: FMC19NC0001
Availability: Currently out of Stock

Technical Data:

  • Length: 8.5 meters
  • Base Diameter (BD): 165 mm
  • Top Diameter (TD): 120 mm
  • Strength: 0.7 kN


  • UV-protected
  • Slow-burning
  • Non-conductive to electricity
  • Lightweight with high mechanical resistance
  • Available in any color from the RAL palette

This PVC pole is suitable for telecommunication purposes, offering a practical solution for mounting various communication devices and lines. Its design ensures stability and durability in diverse environmental conditions. The digging depth for installation will vary based on soil quality.