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Street cabinet 624 – 10x ODF, 4x Splitters 1:32,IP54, max. capacity 624

Manufacturer: ZTT
Experience the efficiency and reliability of our versatile Street Cabinet 624. Designed for optimal network organization, this cabinet is equipped with 10x Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and 4x 1:32 Splitters.
SKU: FMC01ZT0049
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
The Street Cabinet 624 boasts an impressive maximum capacity of 624 and features an IP54 rating, demonstrating its ability to resist dust and water splashes, ensuring the protection of its components for long-term use.

Furnished with 10x ODFs for superior fiber management and distribution.
Equipped with 4x 1:32 Splitters, significantly enhancing network division.
IP54 rated, indicating a strong resistance to dust and water splashes.
Maximum capacity of 624, ensuring ample space for network expansion and growth.

The Street Cabinet 624 is a perfect fit for telecommunications providers and businesses needing a robust and efficient way to manage their fiber networks. Whether you're looking to improve network organization, boost signal splitting, or simply expand your network's capacity, this cabinet is designed to meet your needs.