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NPC+ Fibre Termination Kit

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The NPC+ (No Polish Connector) eliminates field polishing, loose parts, and termination tools. The innovative buffer clamp design eliminates rework by delivering superior twist and transmission with applied load (TWAL) mechanical performance. After fibre preparation and cleaving, installation is a simple three-step process: insert fibre, actuate splice, activate the buffer clamp. Faster than fusion splicing, the NPC+ delivers savings in installation expense and reduces overall complexity of termination.

Quick and easy installation Less than one minute per connector | One piece, preassembled design No boot or other loose parts | Factory-polished end face Low insertion loss and high-performance return loss | Proprietary rear buffer clamp design Delivers excellent twist, TWAL, and pull-out strength | Field-termination enables installer to select ideal cable length Minimizes cable slack to store | Deactivation of the buffer clamp and splice element (900 μm only) Provides one, single reuse
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