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Coaxial ETX-2-8 2-WAY TAP, 8 dB

Manufacturer: PCT
Introducing the IT-2W-8 Two-Way Indoor Line Tap with an 8 dB Tap Attenuation. Compact in design with dimensions of 56.0/49.0/16.5 mm, this device guarantees superior performance within various frequency ranges.
SKU: 6600065
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU Warehouse
Technical Data:
Operating Frequency Range: 5-1002 MHz
Available Versions: Two-fold
Intended Use: Indoor

Broad Frequency Range: IT-2W-8 operates effectively across a wide frequency range.
Minimal Tap and Insertion Loss: Experience lower loss dB levels for both tap and insertion, ensuring optimal signal transmission.
Excellent Isolation: Provides effective isolation between tap-out and tap-tap, preserving signal integrity.
High Return Loss: Promises minimum return loss at the input, output, and tap stages for enhanced signal reliability.
Superior RFI Shielding: Offers exceptional RFI shielding, minimizing interference for a cleaner signal.

This two-way tap device is versatile and can be used in various settings that require reliable signal distribution. These could include broadcasting environments, AV setups, telecommunication networks, or indoor signal routing and distribution systems.