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Outdoor outlet grey color RAL 7035, material UV resistant - Hermes 4HP socket

Manufacturer: Cellco
The Hermes 4HP socket boasts a sleek, compact design and is engineered for both outdoor and indoor use. It's crafted from UV-resistant material in a neutral grey color (RAL 7035), ensuring durability against harsh weather conditions.
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Technical Data:

  • Color: Grey (RAL 7035)
  • Material: UV-resistant polycarbonate
  • Capacity: 4 SC simplex adapters, 12 splices
  • Cable Entry: Accommodates cables or microtubes of 7 & 12mm
  • Closure: Hermetic with IP54 rating, IK-10 mechanical protection


  • Aesthetically pleasing design suitable for multifamily residences
  • Versatile mounting options on poles or walls
  • Lightweight and robust housing for longevity
  • Equipped with space for splitters and a gas-block fitting
  • Allows for direct cable routing to apartments

Ideal for external and internal installations, the Hermes 4HP socket is tailored for multifamily homes using aboveground or aerial connections. It functions as both an indirect access point and an endpoint in aerial networks.

Equipment Included:

  • Hermes socket
  • Splice holder (12 splices capacity)
  • Label for identification
  • Wall plugs (3x)
  • Lid screw (1x)
Products specifications
Dimensions 120x220x28
Maximum number of subscriber cables 4
Maximum number of adapters 4
Maximum number of input ports 2 (12 i 7 mm)
Maximum number of splices 12
Tightness class IP-54
Mechanical protection class IK-10
UV resistance yes
Equipment included no