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Street cabinet 1056 – 32x ODF, 10x Splitters 1:32,IP54, max. capacity 1248

Manufacturer: ZTT
Meet the Street Cabinet 1056 - your ultimate solution for advanced fiber network management. This cabinet offers 32x Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) and 10x 1:32 Splitters, ensuring efficient network distribution.
SKU: FMC01ZT0050
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
The Street Cabinet 1056 comes with a remarkable maximum capacity of 1248, ensuring ample room for network expansion. Enclosed in an IP54 rated casing, it offers robust protection against dust and water splashes, safeguarding the components within.

Contains 32x ODFs for optimal fiber management and distribution.
Includes 10x 1:32 Splitters to enhance network division.
Secured with an IP54 rating, demonstrating strong resistance to dust and water splashes.
Offers a high maximum capacity of 1248, providing ample space for network growth.

The Street Cabinet 1056 is an excellent choice for telecommunications providers and businesses seeking to streamline their fiber networks. Whether your goal is better fiber management, increased signal splitting, or to expand your network's capacity, this cabinet is designed to meet and exceed your requirements.