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FMC TELCO d.o.o Partners with ZTT to Transform the Energy Solution Landscape in South Eastern Europe

FMC TELCO d.o.o Partners with ZTT to Transform the Energy Solution Landscape in South Eastern Europe

NOVEMBER 13, 2023 – FMC TELCO d.o.o, a prominent telecommunication company in South Eastern Europe, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with ZTT, a leading global provider of telecom and energy solutions. This partnership will see FMC TELCO d.o.o distribute ZTT's innovative energy solutions in South Eastern Europe.

ZTT, with 76 established plants worldwide, specializes in telecom products such as optical fiber, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, antennas, and FTTx solutions. However, their expertise doesn't stop there. They also offer cutting-edge energy solutions like modular power systems, lithium batteries, photovoltaic base stations, and outdoor integrated power systems. These products aim to reduce carbon emissions and promote green energy utilization in telecom base stations.

One of the main highlights of ZTT's offerings is their Photovoltaic (PV) base station solutions. These solutions convert sunlight into electricity through solar modules, providing power to base station equipment. Not only does this technology harness renewable energy sources, but it also significantly reduces power consumption. ZTT's pilot PV base station projects have already shown a 22% reduction in power consumption and a 31% drop in PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), generating annual earnings through green electricity utilization.

"FMC TELCO d.o.o is thrilled to be the value-added distributor of ZTT Cable in South Eastern Europe," said the spokesperson for FMC TELCO d.o.o. "We have always been committed to bringing the best and latest technology to our customers. ZTT's innovative energy solutions align perfectly with our mission, and we're excited to introduce their products to our market."

This partnership is expected to shape the future of energy solutions in South Eastern Europe. As the world increasingly moves towards sustainable energy sources, FMC TELCO d.o.o and ZTT are leading the charge in the telecommunications sector.

For more information about this partnership or to learn more about ZTT's energy solutions, please contact FMC TELCO d.o.o.

About FMC TELCO d.o.o
FMC TELCO d.o.o is a leading telecommunications company in South Eastern Europe. Focused on providing high-quality products and services, the company is consistently at the forefront of technological advancements in the sector.

About ZTT
ZTT is a global provider of telecom and energy solutions. With 76 plants worldwide, ZTT offers a wide range of products from telecom cables to green energy solutions. They are committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources in the telecom industry.

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