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Introducing FMC Telco's New Product Portfolio for 2023

Introducing FMC Telco's New Product Portfolio for 2023

January 2023 - FMC Telco is thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated product portfolio for the year 2023. We have partnered with industry-leading companies to bring you the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions in the telecommunications field. Here are some highlights from our new product lineup:


  1. Corning Optical Communications: We are proud to extend 10 years existing collaboration with Corning, a renowned company with over 170 years of experience in optical communications technologies. Their expertise will enhance our offerings and provide our customers with advanced solutions.


  1. PCT International: With PCT International on board, we are introducing groundbreaking coaxial and connector innovations that will revolutionize the industry. Expect superior performance and reliability from our new range of products.


  1. ZTT Cable - New Energy solutions: ZTT Cable is a global leader in research, development, and production of telecom, power, renewable energy, and oil & gas industry solutions. We are excited to bring their New Energy expertise to our customers.


  1. PAT-TEL: Our partnership with PAT-TEL allows us to offer a comprehensive range of broadband passive products, all proudly made in the EU. We prioritize quality and reliability to meet the demands of our discerning customers.


  1. CELLCO: As a producer of cable assembly and fiber management products, CELLCO brings innovation and efficiency to our product portfolio. Expect seamless connectivity and streamlined fiber management solutions.


  1. CAMOZZI: CAMOZZI TECHNOPOLYMERS S.r.l., an EU producer of passive components for telecom applications, joins our esteemed partners. Their expertise will enhance our offerings and contribute to our commitment to delivering high-quality products.


  1. DURALINE: DURALINE specializes in customizable microducts, providing flexibility and adaptability for your specific needs. We are excited to offer their solutions as part of our product portfolio.


  1. LOOB: LOOB is a manufacturer of stainless steel strapping bands and accessories, catering to aerial fiber optic and power line installations. Their products ensure durability and reliability in demanding environments.


  1. WELTPLAST: WELTPLAST brings PEHD ducts in various sizes (32mm, 40mm, and 50mm) to our product range. These high-density polyethylene ducts offer excellent protection and flexibility for your fiber optic installations.


About FMC Telco:


FMC Telco is a distribitor of  telecommunications products in South East Europe. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, FMC Telco offers a wide range of products and services for various telecommunications needs. To learn more about FMCtel and its offerings, please visit


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