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Launch of CAMOZZI Low Emission connectors

Launch of CAMOZZI Low Emission connectors

FMC Telco, in collaboration with Camozzi Technopolymers, is thrilled to introduce Low Emission connectors as part of their commitment to sustainability and innovation. The Camozzi Group's adoption of an ESG approach, focusing on technological advancement and continuous optimization of resource use, aligns perfectly with FMC Telco's ethos.

The key objectives of this initiative include reducing energy impacts, promoting circular economy and renewable materials, and prioritizing people's well-being and health. In comparison to competitors, these Low Emission connectors offer a product with a precise carbon footprint, shorter lead times, and enhanced sustainability, all while boasting an entirely European production chain.

By leveraging bio-based raw materials, optimizing internal processes, and emphasizing environmentally friendly practices, FMC Telco and Camozzi Technopolymers are paving the way for a more sustainable future in the telecommunications industry. Stay tuned for updates on how this partnership continues to drive positive change and innovation within the sector.

Catalogue: CAMOZZI Low Emission connectors

FMC Telco d.o.o. Letališka cesta 32,1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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