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5/8M-TL444 PIN 1,8X47MM (57044404-01) - 5/8 Male Pin Connector

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The 5/8M-TL444 PIN 1,8X47MM (57044404-01) - 5/8 Male Pin Connector is a high-performance component designed for robust and reliable connections. With its precise dimensions of 1.8mm by 47mm, it ensures a snug fit for a wide range of applications. This hardware piece is perfect for those who require consistent and efficient connectivity, making it an essential part of any toolkit.
SKU: FMC08CA0098
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
The connector comes with precise dimensions including a Back Nut Hex and Body Hex of 22mm, and a Back Nut and Body of 24.6mm each. It has a total length of 55mm. This connector is compatible with the TL444 Cable Type.

The 5/8M-TL444 PIN O.1,8X47MM (57044404-01) is built for resilience, promising a secure and robust connection. With a detailed design, it ensures reliable fit and functionality. It offers an optimal length of 55mm, ensuring it caters to a wide range of connection needs.

This Male Pin Connector is an essential component for any toolkit requiring dependable and efficient connectivity. It's suitable for a broad range of applications, from professional setups to DIY projects, wherever the TL444 Cable Type is used.