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90-IECF-56 5.1 SELF INSTALL (99909691) - 90 deg. IEC Self Install Connector RG6

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The 90-IECF-56 5.1 SELF INSTALL (99909691) is a sophisticated 90-degree IEC Self Install Connector RG6 that ensures efficient and high-quality signal transmission, providing high screening attenuation and low insertion loss.
SKU: FTL08CA0058
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Technical Data:
Frequency Range: 0.3 - 3000 MHz
Impedance: 75 ohms
Transfer Impedance: Class A
Screening Attenuation: Class A
Return Loss: Better than -15 dB to -3 dB across various frequency ranges
Insertion Loss: Maximum -0.21 dB to -2.08 dB across various frequency ranges
Operating Temperature: -40° to +70° C
Maximum Tensile Strength: 15.0 Kgf

High-frequency range that ensures robust signal transmission.
Superior transfer impedance and screening attenuation that ensures minimal signal loss.
Excellent return loss and insertion loss values for enhanced signal integrity.
Can work in a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for various environments.
Constructed from durable materials that can withstand high tensile strength.

Ideal for use in applications where high-quality signal transmission is required over long distances.
Suitable for use with Draka Coax9 AD11S cables.
Can be used in a wide range of environments due to its high-temperature tolerance.
Perfect for applications where robust and durable connections are necessary.