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ADSS 24F - multitube 24fiber, 12f/tube , G.652D, 4000N, d. 11,1mm,ZTT

Manufacturer: ZTT
The Z-ADSS-MT-24J.4KN-12F/T is a high-performance, multitube ADSS fiber optic cable designed for aerial installations with spans up to 150 meters.
SKU: FTL01ZT0009
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Technical Data:
Fiber Count: 24
Fibers per Tube: 12
Number of Tubes/Fillers: 2/4
Cable Diameter: 11.1 mm
Jacket Thickness: 1.6 mm
Weight: 92 kg/km
Tensile Strength: 4000N
Crush Resistance: 1500N/100 mm

HDPE Jacket: Black, UV-resistant, and hydrophobic gel-filled tubes for protection.
Reinforcement: Aramid yarns and a central FRP rod provide exceptional tensile strength.
Optical Fibers: G.652D standard for reliable data transmission.

Ideal for long-distance aerial installations, the Z-ADSS-MT-24J.4KN-12F/T ensures stable and secure communication in various environmental conditions, from urban to rural settings. Suitable for telecommunications, data transfer, and networking infrastructure.