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ANCHOR-type tension clamp for 3-7mm cables

Manufacturer: Cellco
Experience hassle-free cable suspension with the ANCHOR-type tension clamp, designed for secure fastening of 3-7mm cables in overhead networks.
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Technical Data:

  • Product Code: AC-UO-ANCHOR-3-7
  • Material: High-durability Plastic
  • Body Dimensions: 115x56x34 mm
  • Breaking Force: 3 kN
  • Cable Length: 400 mm
  • Cable Diameter: 2.5 mm (steel cable), suitable for 3-7mm cable diameters
  • UV Resistance: Yes
  • Shipment Weight: 0.126 kg
  • Package Dimensions: 4 x 49 x 6 cm


  • Innovative self-locking "wedge" mechanism for stable grip
  • Detachable steel cable for versatile installation
  • Robust plastic construction ensuring longevity
  • Weather and UV resistant for reliability in various climates

Ideal for installing and securing overhead cables ranging from 3-7mm in diameter, the ANCHOR tension clamp is perfect for a wide array of outdoor networking applications, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting cable management solution.

Products specifications
Dimensions 115x56x34 (body)
UV resistance yes
Breaking force [kN] 3
Rope diameter [mm] 2,5
Cable diameters [mm] 3-7mm
Cord length [mm] 400