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The BB2X24-8882/High Gel Better Buried Closure is a versatile, durable solution designed to protect and encapsulate cable splices in buried applications. It is equipped with 3M’s High Gel re-enterable encapsulant for enhanced protection and ease of maintenance.
SKU: FTL05CN0006
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Technical Data:
Closure Dimensions: 2" diameter x 24" length (5.08 cm diameter x 61 cm length)
Splice Capacity:
50-pair 3M™ Scotchlok™ Connector
100-pair 3M™ MS2™ Splicing Module
End Cap Configuration: 2" end cap; one port in, two ports out
Encapsulant: High Gel re-enterable compound

Versatile Design: Accommodates various cable sizes and splice configurations.
High Gel Encapsulant: Provides excellent protection and allows for re-entry if maintenance is needed.
Comprehensive Kit: Includes all necessary components for installation, reducing inventory and ordering errors.
Durable Components: Corrosion-resistant hose clamps and strain relief bars ensure long-lasting performance.
Ease of Installation: Tapered and grooved end caps can be easily trimmed and split in the field.

Buried Cable Splice Protection: Ideal for inline, tap, and butt splices, as well as cable and sheath repair in buried environments.
Telecommunications and Utilities: Suitable for use in both telecommunications and utility cable management systems, ensuring secure and reliable connections.