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The BB4X24-8882/HIGHGEL Better Buried Closure by Corning is a durable splice closure designed specifically for direct burial, ensuring excellent protection for cable splices through the use of a high gel encapsulating compound
SKU: FTL05CN0007
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Technical Data:
Closure Size: 4"x24" (102 mm x 610 mm)
Encapsulant: High Gel Encapsulating Compound
Materials Included: Closure body, strain relief bars, LHS end caps, insulating sleeves, various tapes (DR tape, 23 tape, B-sealing tape, all-weather vinyl tape), hose clamps, Scotchlokâ„¢ Shield Connectors 4462-FN, funnel, and more.

Direct Burial: Engineered for direct burial applications to protect cable splices from environmental factors.
Re-enterable: Allows for re-entry for splice rework without compromising the closure's integrity.
Size Compatibility: Specifically sized at 4"x24" to accommodate varying cable bundle capacities.
Complete Kit: Comes with all necessary components for a comprehensive installation, including connectors, tapes, and clamps.

Telecommunications: Ideal for splicing and protecting buried communication cables.
Utility Networks: Suitable for use in various utility networks that require secure cable splicing solutions.
Outdoor Installations: Perfect for environments requiring direct burial of cables, ensuring long-term reliability and protection from environmental factors.
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