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Bolt for mounting the B4 bracket

Manufacturer: Cellco
Carriage Bolt for B4 Bracket Mounting
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU warehouse

Technical Data:

  • Bolt Type: Carriage bolt with a square neck under the head (square ploughing)
  • Compatibility: Designed for reinforced concrete columns
  • Durability: High strength with excellent resistance to various weather conditions


  • Anti-Rotation: Bracket lock feature to prevent rotation during installation
  • Versatility: Suitable screw length and thread to fit any pole size for mounting

This product is specifically crafted for securely attaching the B4 bracket onto through-hole poles, ensuring a stable and reliable installation.

Equipment Included:

  • Steel pin with a breech head for secure fastening
  • Round washer to distribute load evenly
  • M12 nut to complete the assembly
Products specifications
Thread M12, length 160mm