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Closure 48FO

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The FOBP fiber optic closure is a reliable and versatile solution for telecommunications applications. It features a thermic type of port seals and is designed for both pole and wall mounting. With a maximum capacity of 288 splices, this closure offers ample room for fiber optic connections. It comes with multiple cable entry ports, allowing for easy cable management. The closure also has an optional adapter panel for added flexibility. With its durable construction and built-in organizer for fiber optic tubes, it is suitable for various applications in telecommunications networks.

Technical Data:

  • Product Name: FOBP Fiber Optic Closure
  • Closure Type: Thermic Type
  • Maximum Capacity: 48 Splices
  • Port Seals: Thermic Type
  • Cable Entry Ports: 12 Round Ports, 1 Oval Port
  • Mounting: Pole and Wall Mounting
  • Optional Adapter Panel: Available
  • Additional Equipment: Splice Trays, Adapters, Splitters, Pigtails, Cable Reserve Frames
  • Working Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • IP Protection: IP68
  • Tensile Load (Short-term): 200 N
  • Tensile Load (Long-term): 75 N
  • Crush Resistance: 2000 N/10 cm


  • Thermic type port seals for secure and reliable connections
  • Multiple cable entry ports for easy cable management
  • Suitable for pole and wall mounting
  • Optional adapter panel for added flexibility
  • Built-in organizer for fiber optic tubes
  • Can accommodate up to 288 splices


  • Last mile connections in telecommunications networks
  • Indoor and outdoor fiber optic connections
  • Suitable for various applications in FTTH, LAN, and FTTX networks
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