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BB3X24/8882 - High gel better buried closure

The 3M™ BB3X24/8882 High Gel Better Buried Closure is a versatile solution designed to protect buried cable splices. This closure uses high gel encapsulation to ensure effective sealing and re-entry capabilities, making it ideal for various underground cable installations.
SKU: FTL05CN0005
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Technical Data:
Product Number: BB3X24/8882
Diameter: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
Closure Length: 24 inches (61 cm)
Splice Capacity: 100-pair 3M™ Scotchlok™ Connector; 200-pair 3M™ MS2™ Splicing Module
End Cap: 3 inches (7.6 cm), one port in, two ports out
Encapsulant: 3M™ High Gel 8882

High Gel Encapsulation: Ensures excellent sealing and allows for easy re-entry.
Versatile Design: Accommodates a range of cable sizes and splice types.
Included Components: Comes with all necessary parts for installation, including hose clamps, strain relief bars, spacer webs, and more.
Durability: Resistant to environmental factors, providing long-term protection.
Ease of Installation: Simplified setup with comprehensive kit components.

The 3M™ BB3X24/8882 High Gel Better Buried Closure is perfect for protecting buried inline, tap, and butt splices, as well as for cable and sheath repairs. It is suitable for use in telecommunications, data transmission, and other applications requiring reliable underground cable protection.