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DUCT Antirodent 48F – multitube 48fiber,12f/tube, G652D, 2700N, d. 9mm,ZTT

Manufacturer: ZTT
The Z-DT.MT-48J.2.7KN-12F/T is a robust, multitube fiber optic duct cable designed by ZTT Technology, featuring anti-rodent protection and a capacity of 48 optical fibers. It is engineered for durability and reliability in environments vulnerable to rodent damage.
SKU: FTL01ZT0011
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Technical Data:
Product ID: Z-DT.MT-48J.2.7KN-12F/T
Number of Fibers: 48
Fibers per Tube: 12
Number of Tubes/Fillers: 4/2
Cable Diameter: 9 mm
Weight: 73 kg/km
Tensile Strength: 2700 N (IEC 794-1-E1)
Crush Resistance: 1500 N/100 mm (IEC 794-1-E3)
Impact Resistance: 20 impacts, 15 Nm (IEC 794-1-E4)

Anti-Rodent Protection: Enhanced with a two-layer HDPE jacket and a thick layer of glass fibers for rodent deterrence.
Hydrophobic Gel: Filled in the tube to safeguard the optical fibers against moisture and contaminants.
UV and Water Resistant: Optimal for outdoor conditions, offering protection against UV rays and water ingress.
Ripcords: Integrated for easy access and handling during installation.

The Z-DT.MT-48J.2.7KN-12F/T cable is suitable for deployment in locations prone to rodent presence, including duct systems, distribution networks, campus networks, and external building setups.