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DUCT Antirodent 96F – multitube 96fiber,12f/tube, G652D, 2700N, d. 9,6mm,ZTT

Manufacturer: ZTT
The Z-DT.MT-96J.2.7KN-12F/T is a robust anti-rodent fiber optic duct cable designed by ZTT Technology for efficient data transmission in environments susceptible to rodent damage.
SKU: FTL01ZT0014
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Technical Data:
Product ID: Z-DT.MT-96J.2.7KN-12F/T
Number of fibers: 96
Cable diameter: 9.6 mm
Weight: 83 kg/km
Tensile Strength: 2700 N (compliant with IEC 794-1-E1)
Crush resistance: 1500 N/100 mm (IEC 794-1-E3)
Impact resistance: 20 impacts at 15 Nm (IEC 794-1-E4)
Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C

Two-layered HDPE jacket with a thick layer of glass fibers for anti-rodent protection.
Multitube structure with hydrophobic gel to safeguard the optical fibers (G.652D type).
Central FRP rod reinforcement for added durability.
Ripcords for easy cable stripping.
UV, water, and chemical agent resistant, maintaining integrity in various environments.

Ideal for deployment in duct systems, distribution networks, campus networks, and other outdoor scenarios where protection from rodent damage is crucial. Its sturdy design ensures reliable data transmission outside buildings in areas prone to rodent interference.