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DUCT CABLE 12F – duct cable,1x12F,G652D,LT,central FRP,diameter 10,6mm

Manufacturer: ZTT
The GYFTY-12 G.652D is a robust, low-attenuation optic fiber cable specifically designed for duct installations. It accommodates 12 single-mode fibers within a compact, water-resistant structure, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions.
SKU: FTL01ZT0026
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Technical Data:
Fiber Count: 12 single-mode optical fibers (ITU-T G.652D)
Outer Diameter: Approx. 10.6mm (?11.0mm)
Weight: Around 90 kg/km
Max Tensile Load: 1500N
Crush Resistance: 1000N/10cm
Bending Radius: 20x cable O (installation), 15x cable O (operation)
Operating Temperature: -30 to +70°C

The cable incorporates a central strength member made of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) for mechanical stability.
Black PE outer sheath is UV-proof, ensuring durability against environmental elements.
Optical performance features low attenuation rates ?0.38 dB/km at 1310 nm and ?0.23 dB/km at 1550 nm.
The cable is designed with water blocking yarns and tape to prevent moisture ingress.

Designed for installation within duct systems, the GYFTY-12 G.652D cable is an ideal choice for telecommunications networks and other optical fiber applications that require a secure, protected pathway. Its construction supports long-term deployment in demanding environments, making it suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor duct applications.