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DUCT CABLE 96F - duct cable,8x12F,G652D,LT,central FRP,diameter 11,9mm

Manufacturer: ZTT
The GYFTY-96 G.652D is a robust, non-metallic, duct installation fiber optic cable designed to support long-distance communication requirements. It features a UV-proof black PE outer sheath and is optimized for use in duct systems.
SKU: FTL01ZT0029
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Technical Data:
Fiber Count: 96 fibers arranged in 8 loose tubes with 12 fibers each.
Outer Diameter: 11.9mm (±5%).
Weight: Approximately 113 kg/km.
Temperature Range: -30 to +70°C for operation, -5 to +50°C for storage and transport.
Maximum Tensile Load: 2000N.
Crush Resistance: 1000N per 10cm.
Bending Radius: 20x cable diameter for installation, 15x cable diameter for operation.
Fiber Attenuation: ?0.38 dB/km at 1310 nm, ?0.23 dB/km at 1550 nm.
Standard Compliance: ITU-T G.652D, IEC 60793-1, IEC 60793-2, IEC 60794-3-10.

Built with a central strength member made of FRP for enhanced durability.
Utilizes water-blocking yarns and tapes to prevent moisture ingress.
The optical fibers within the cable adhere to the ITU-T G.652D standard, ensuring low attenuation and high performance.
The cable is marked at 1-meter intervals for easy identification and length measurement.

This cable is specifically designed for duct installations, making it an excellent choice for telecommunications companies, internet service providers, and large-scale network operators who require a reliable infrastructure for data transmission over long distances. It is suitable for both rural and urban network deployments.