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DUCT MICRO CABLE 4F – micro cable,1x4F,G657A1,CT,d.2,4mm

Manufacturer: ZTT
The DUCT MICRO CABLE 4F is a compact, high-quality optical cable designed for installation within microduct systems. Its construction comprises a single loose tube with four G.657A1 optical fibers, aramid yarn strength members, and a durable black HDPE outer sheath.
SKU: FMC01ZT0065
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Technical Data:
Fiber count: 4
Fiber type: ITU-T G.657A1 UBIF®R10
Outer diameter: 2.4 mm ± 0.2 mm
Max tensile load: 80 N
Crush resistance: 500 N/10 cm
Bending radius: 90 mm (installation), 50 mm (operation)
Operating temperature range: -25 to +70°C (installation: -5 to +40°C)
Cable weight: Approximately 5 kg/km

Low attenuation rates across various wavelengths, ensuring high-quality signal transmission
Enhanced durability with aramid yarns and HDPE sheath for protection against environmental factors
UV resistant sheathing material for outdoor longevity
Marked at 1-meter intervals for precise installation measurements
Complies with IEC standards for optical and mechanical performance

Ideal for expanding telecommunications infrastructure, the DUCT MICRO CABLE 4F is specifically tailored for blowing into microducts within established conduits, making it suitable for building fiber networks in urban environments where space is limited and for upgrading existing networks without the need for extensive civil works.