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F-6-TD SELF INSTALL 4.9 NiTin TRUE DROP (99909631-04) - Connector RG6

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The F-6-TD SELF INSTALL 4.9 NiTin TRUE DROP (99909631-04) is a superior self-install compression connector for RG6 cables, providing reliable and efficient signal transmission.
SKU: FTL08CA0044
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Technical Data:
Transfer Impedance (CoMeT): Class A++
Screening Attenuation(CoMeT): Class A++
Return Loss (IEC 61169-1): Better than -35 dB
Insertion Loss Max.: Better than -0.06 dB
Temperature Range: -5° to +50° C
Intermodulation IM3: -166 dBc
Operating Temperature: -40° to +70° C
Storing Temperature: -40° to +70° C
Dielectric Strength: O-rings EPDM
Max. Tensile Strength: Overall >24 Kgf, Inner Conductor >235 N
Plating: Nitin

Designed according to the standard IEC 61169-24 (type F)
All tests performed using instruments calibrated in accordance with ISO 9001 certification

The connector is suitable for applications requiring a reliable and high-performance connector within the specified frequency range and environmental conditions.