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F-6-TD SELF INSTALL 5.1 NiTin TRUE DROP (99909636-04) - Connector RG6

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The F-6-TD SELF INSTALL 5.1 NiTin TRUE DROP (99909636-04) is a high-performance connector designed for RG6 cables. It's a robust solution that ensures superior signal quality and durability in multiple environments.
SKU: FTL08CA0045
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Technical Data:
Transfer Impedance (CoMeT): Class A++
Screening Attenuation(CoMeT): Class A++
Return Loss (IEC 61169-1): Better than Typical
Insertion Loss Max.: Better than Typical
Temperature: -5° to +50° C (Installing), -40° to +70° C (Operating), -40° to +70° C (Storing)
Intermodulation IM3: 3rd Order (@2x+27dBm), -158 dBc
Insulation Resistance (IEC IP-code): IP X8 30 meter / 8 hours (@ 500 VDC)
Dielectric Strength: O-rings EPDM, DC Test Voltage
Base Material: Brass / POM
Max. Tensile Strength: >30 Kgf
Torsional Strength: * NATM

Designed according to the standard IEC 61169-24 (type F)
All tests performed using instruments calibrated in accordance to ISO 9001 certification

The connector is suitable for applications requiring high transfer impedance, screening attenuation, and reliable performance within the specified temperature ranges.