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F-81-HQ-1 NiTin (99550025-03) – adapter ff/ff accepts pin O 0.4-1.2mm

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The F-81-HQ-1 NiTin Adapter (99550025-03) is a premium connector that accepts pins of diameter 0.4-1.2mm. Designed to provide stable and high-quality connections, it's a reliable choice for various applications.
SKU: FTL08CA0004
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Technical Data:
Operating in a frequency range of 0.3 - 3000 MHz, this adapter has a nominal impedance of 75 Ohm and a transfer impedance of less than 0.9 m?/m at 5-30MHz. It has a calculated amp rating of 6.6 A at a 20°C increase. The adapter provides an impressive screening attenuation of over 140 dB across different frequency ranges. It can function in a temperature range of -40° to +70° C.

The F-81-HQ-1 NiTin Adapter is designed to accept pins from 0.4-1.2mm, making it versatile for numerous applications. It offers high screening attenuation, ensuring stable and interference-free connections. It is constructed from brass and beryllium copper, with Nitin-6 plating, demonstrating its durability and quality.

With its wide frequency range and the ability to accommodate a range of pin sizes, the F-81-HQ-1 NiTin Adapter is ideal for telecommunications, radio frequency applications, and environments that require reliable and high-quality signal transmission. Its robust design and temperature tolerance make it suitable for various challenging conditions.