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F-81-HQ-D NiTin CC ACCEPTS PIN 0.4-1.2mm (99550050-01) - Adapter F-81

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The F-81-HQ-D NiTin CC Adapter (99550050-01) is a top-notch connector, specifically designed to accept pins with a diameter between 0.4-1.2mm. It's the go-to solution for secure and reliable connectivity.
SKU: FTL08CA0066
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Technical Data:
Frequency Range: 0.3 - 3000 MHz
Impedance: 75 ?
Insertion Loss: -0.07 dB to -0.10 dB (varies with frequency)
Return Loss: > 30 dB
Inner Conductor Material: Beryllium-Copper alloy
Coating: NiTin

Wide frequency range accommodating diverse applications.
Low insertion loss ensuring minimal signal degradation.
High return loss for optimal signal integrity.
Durable Beryllium-Copper inner conductor.
NiTin coating offering exceptional environmental protection.

This adapter is ideal for use in coaxial technology, specifically designed for F-connectors with a pin/inner conductor diameter of 0.4-1.2 mm. It is commonly used in various applications requiring high-quality signal transmission and robust environmental resistance.