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F-MINI-TD QM 5.0 SHORT TRUE DROP (99909910)- Connector Mini

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The F-MINI-TD QM 5.0 SHORT TRUE DROP (99909910) is a high-performance connector optimized for Draka Coax 11 AD 08S cable, offering excellent signal integrity for a wide range of frequencies.
SKU: FMC08CA0105
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Technical Data:
Frequency Range: 0.3 - 3000 MHz
Impedance (Nominal): 75 Ohm
Transfer Impedance (CoMeT): Class A+ (<2.5 m?/m @ 5-30MHz)
Screening Attenuation (CoMeT): Class A++ (up to >105 dB)
Return Loss (IEC 61169-1): Better than -31 dB up to 500 MHz
Temperature Range: Installing (-5° to +50° C), Operating (-40° to +70° C), Storing (-40° to +70° C)
Sealing Test: IP X8
Base Material: Brass CuZn39Pb3
Plating: Nitin-6

Robust design compliant with IEC 61169-24 standard for F connectors.
High screening attenuation ensures minimal signal leakage.
Low transfer impedance and excellent return loss for optimal signal quality.
Suitable for a broad temperature range, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments.
IP X8 rated for protection against water ingress.

Ideal for cable television (CATV) and satellite installations.
Suitable for use in both residential and commercial applications where a high-quality connection is required.
Can be employed in broadband communication systems.
Please note that the above information is based on the provided data sheet and actual product specifications may vary. Further technical specifications and installation instructions should be obtained directly if needed.