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FCST012128/96 - optical closure,96 splice,pole mounted instal. kit, mechan.seal.

The FCST012128 is a dome type fiber optic splice closure made for safeguarding and interconnecting fiber cables, ideal for various splicing and branching scenarios.
SKU: FMC16FC0009
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Technical Data:
Capacity: Supports 144 fibers (single fiber).
Dimensions: 370mm x ?300mm.
Sealing Type: Mechanical seal or heat-shrink for the middle port.
Ports: 1 uncut oval port (?10~22mm), 7 round ports (?8~18mm), 2 drop cable ports (?2*3mm).
Cable Diameter: Supports a wide range from 2mm to 22mm.
Tray Capacity: 6 or 12 fibers per tray.
Material: PP+GF.
Protection Level: IP68.

Customizable logo service.
Versatile installation options including direct buried, aerial, pole, pipeline, and manhole settings.
IP68 rated with robust mechanical sealing for maximum protection.
Flexible accommodation of up to 24 pieces of 6-core fiber trays or 12 pieces of 12-core fiber trays.
Comes with a comprehensive set of standard accessories and offers optional extras.

The FCST012128 is designed for diverse fiber optic cable management needs, suitable for aerial, pipeline, manhole, and direct buried applications, accommodating various cable types including loose tube, skeleton, and ribbon cables.