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FCST012230/96 - optical closure,96 splice,pole mounted instal. kit, heat seal.

The FCST012230 Fiber Optic Splice Closure ensures the durable protection and management of fiber optic splices, accommodating both single and ribbon fibers with a design that simplifies installation and maintenance.
SKU: FMC16FC0010
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Max Capacity: 144 single fibers or 432 ribbon fibers
Material: Glass-filled polypropylene (PP+GF)
Dimensions: 525mm x ?225mm
Protection Level: IP68
Cable Diameter: Uncut port for ?10~?15mm, Branch ports for ?8~?15mm
Sealing Mode: Heat shrink seal

Heat shrink seal for superior sealing performance
No special tools required for installation
Includes standard accessories for convenience
Sealing mode provides IP68 level protection against dust and water ingress

The closure is versatile, suitable for direct buried, aerial, pole, pipeline, and manhole installations, making it a flexible solution for various deployment scenarios.