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Dura-Line LSHF 10/6mm MicroDucts - Indoor, Safe & Durable, White Color

Our MicroDucts LSHF 10/6mm offers a flame-retardant solution, ideal for indoor networks, where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas may pose threats.
SKU: FMC15DL0014
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Technical Data:
This product features a bend radius of 100mm, a wall thickness of 2mm, and an OD/ID size of 10/6mm. It's engineered from Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen Free materials, with a pressure resistance of minimum 15 bar. Storage and usage temperatures range from -40 to 70°C. The packaging includes a drum with duct ovality of 5% after 1 hour.

The MicroDucts LSHF 10/6mm comes with a permanently lubricated Silicore inner lining, offering a lower inner coefficient of friction. It also features an anti-static inner layer to reduce friction from static electricity during fibre installation. It's available in a milky white colour and in both smooth or ribbed inner lining options, with the ribbed option being available from 7mm up. All resins used comply with the strictest V0 classification according to UL 94:2013, ensuring minimal smoke emissions.

This product is suitable for creating new routes in indoor networks or as a subduct in existing lines. Its low smoke, halogen-free composition makes it an excellent choice for environments where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas may pose a health risk and potential damage to electronic equipment.