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FOXX OPTIMA hermetic splice closure for 144 splices

Manufacturer: Cellco
The FOXX 2.0 Optima series distribution point from CELLCO is a robust and versatile mid-point distribution solution designed for various applications including pole mounting, direct burial, and use in cable wells.
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Technical Data:
Material: Polypropylene
Max Capacity: 144 splices
Rating: IP68 watertight
Valve: Pressurized system with valve


  • Sturdy construction suitable for different environments.
  • Easy to install with a special module for excess tube storage.
  • Universal round ports for connecting various cable types and an oval port for cable pass-through.
  • Thermal sealing of ports to maintain integrity.
  • Capable of being re-opened and closed multiple times.

This distribution point is ideal for telecommunications infrastructure, particularly for mid-point distribution in network setups requiring high durability and reliability in various installation scenarios, such as on poles, underground, or within cable wells.

Products specifications
UV resistance yes
Maximum number of splices 144
Tightness class IP-68
Number of round ports 6
Number of oval ports 1
material polypropylene